Asthmatic “Runs” Girls

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There is a profession reputed to be one of the oldest in the world, and it’s not farming. Many societies are grappling with the effects of young girls pawning themselves, or being pawned off for money. Usually, the ladies are between 18 to 29, in the University, born to low or middle income earning parents, and in need of a little extra cash. The men are often over 40, married, in high paying jobs, and lecherous. In Nigeria, such girls are called “runs” girls.
This is a true story. I was on call on a Saturday afternoon, when a nurse asked me to come to the accident and emergency (A&E). When I got there, a girl of about 21years was sitting on the couch wheezing, coughing and clutching her chest in pain. I observed a man in steward uniform who was at her side looking on anxiously. A second nurse was holding her, trying to reassure her.
The hospital’s policy was that we should not treat anyone without accepting a cash deposit. I asked one of the nurses to place her on oxygen while I attempted to obtain IV access as I could tell she was experiencing an acute asthmatic attack but, she objected since she did not want to lose her job. My decision to treat her was
based on the hotel steward’s presence. I believed someone had paid for her to spend the night there and would come to bail her out eventually so it was worth the risk.
While treating her, I asked the steward what happened and he said she spent the previous night with a man in their hotel. After the man left, they found her in the room in respiratory distress. They rushed her to hospital since the man’s phone was switched off.
20 minutes later, she was calmer. I was waiting for her to be transferred to the ward when my phone rang. It was my boss.
“Was any patient rushed to the hospital?” He asked.
“Yes sir,” I replied.
“What’s wrong with her?”
“She’s an asthma patient who presented in acute respiratory distress, with cough, chest pain and headache.”
I went on to describe all I had done and told him she was calm.
He told me he had received a call from a top politician that his ‘guest’ was in his hospital and should receive the best of care. It turns out that the hotel management eventually reached her ‘boyfriend’ and he called my MD.
Despite my reassurance, my boss who didn’t work Saturday evenings came to see her and instructed that she should be fed and given the best room and anything she demanded. Her boyfriend was a big shot who was not only very wealthy but, very influential.
Boy, did she milk it? She whined about everything, keeping the nurses and housekeepers on their toes all day.
That night, the man everyone had been waiting to see showed up. In his 50s, he was tall dark and distinguished-looking. The type you sense is used to winning people over without really trying. He didn’t say much. Just paid all her bills and tipped all the staff generously then, took her along as she insisted on leaving.
Proverbs1:32 “For the turning away of the simple shall slay them, and the prosperity of fools shall destroy them”
During my conversation with her, I found out she was a student of a University about 4 hours away. I asked her if he knew she suffered asthma and she said no. Can you imagine a girl with such an impediment trying to get into unwholesome adventures? One of the staff went on to tell me of a girl who died during such an escapade. The man she was with drove to the
river and dumped her. Her friends denied knowledge of her whereabouts in order not to incriminate themselves.
A few things I wanted to point out are

  • She could have died in his arms and ended in the river
  • She could have died while trying to find a hospital if I had turned her away
  • She could have died if the diagnosis was missed

To everyone out there, do not sacrifice your life for designer bags and shoes, or cars and other toys older women buy for hapless young men. With creativity and hard work you can create a living. Mindless sex actually stifles the intellect. As the scripture says, the refusal of fools to listen will be their death.
      Here are a few tips for asthma patients
1. Asthma is a chronic, reversible airway disease triggered by specific things for example; dust, cold air, fumes, smoke, and so on. If you identify what triggers it you can avoid them and stay healthy
2. Let close friends know your condition and where your inhaler is. Keep your doctor’s number close and tell them.
3. Treat all infections immediately to prevent triggering attacks.
4. Wear warm clothing in cold weather, avoid bike rides if possible and stay out of the rain
5. If you have an attack more severe than usual, do not waste time using an inhaler. Find someone to rush you to hospital
6. Do not drive or operate heavy machines while feeling ill
7. Avoid physical exertion and get enough rest daily
I hope I have won over a few people who were doing “runs” while asthmatic. My prayer is that you lose that desperation. Let your mind be inundated with creative ideas for wealth generation. Let your emotions be set free from neediness. Let your health be perfected. In Jesus name. Amen


3 thoughts on “Asthmatic “Runs” Girls

    UcheNnaji said:
    September 30, 2013 at 10:03 pm

    Wow, what a nice story!

    Lizzieebunoluwa said:
    October 26, 2013 at 1:17 pm

    Amen to your concluding prayer…
    Very strong thought-provoking message.I couldn’t agree more.
    I am buoyed over by your forthright approach to seemingly mundane health choices and situations.
    Welldone Doc!


      drnsmusings responded:
      October 28, 2013 at 8:47 am

      Ubber remarkable? Tres chic! I love your expressions. Poetic.thanks

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