More on Fractures

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I realized my post on fractures did not include tips on managing fractures so, here they are.

First Aid for fractures:

1. When someone has an injury, do not move him too quickly, ask him where it hurts and look at the limb affected. Is it swollen at some point, reddish, twisted at the joint, or are bones sticking out of the flesh? Then there might be a fracture.

2. Find a flat piece of wood that can serve as a splint, put it under the affected limb and tie d limb to the splint without tying the area that hurts most. That is, imagine the injury is at a point just below the knee, you should tie the piece of cloth around the thigh close to the groin and another close to the ankle. This will immobilize that limb and reduce the pain.

3. Call for help. Find people to lift the patient into a vehicle (where there is no ambulance), preferable lying at the back of the car.

4. Do not bear weight on the affected limb till your doctor says it is okay.

5. Do not apply substances not prescribed for you.

6. Do keep the limb as clean as possible.

7. Start to exercise it when permitted so it doesn’t become difficult to move.

8. Eat healthily and take supplements.

9. If a surgery was carried out, don’t be surprised to experience pain years after the fracture heals. Do see a doctor if this occurs though it’s usually nothing to worry about.

10. Be positive. Most fractures heal without complications.


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