Heartbreak Hotel

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Unhappy man sitting on sofa with head in hands

Emotions were given to us for a reason, to add colour to our lives. Those who refuse to control their emotions, become like leaking ships. They have no defenses and the slightest wind will be the death of them. A greater percentage of hospital patients are those who are extremely sensitive, who take life too seriously. Their bodies eventually give out under the burden of their discontent.

It was early in the morning, at about 7.30am, when a lady came in to ask for the nurses to help her bring in a patient from her car. He was 20 or 21, skinny, wearing only a pair of jeans and lethargic. We put him on the couch trying to figure out what was wrong.

“Did he have a seizure, head injury, or is he diabetic? ” I was reeling off questions very fast while trying to obtain IV access. The nurse was on his left taking his blood pressure. The lady answered in the negative

. I asked if he was epileptic, if he had a fever previously, received bad news ; she still said no.

Then I asked what happened to him. She brought out a bottle of nail varnish remover and told me he drank some of it.

I surprised. If he was a toddler, I would assume he mistook it for water but, he was old enough to know better. And what was a young man doing with nail varnish remover? I know men wear earrings and weave their hair but nail varnish?? ?

She went on to tell me that she was the owner of a hair salon where this boy was employed as an intern. He fell in love and started a relationship with a new member of staff who was very pretty and highly sought after. (You know that sort of girl every man wants and only the very rich get?). She toyed with him for a while and when she tired of him, she wrote a letter, dumping him. Said young man got to work that morning and gulped the bottlenof varnish remover in an attempt to end his life.

Everyone was so angry; I resisted the urge to hiss very loudly. Some more naive security men who had helped carry him out of the car angrily told us not to treat him so he could die as originally planned. Can you imagine an African man trying to take his life over a woman? They felt really let down. On closer examination, I concluded he did not really ingest the chemical. This was because  I could not smell it on his breath. I went ahead to treat as if he did since we could not tell if he waspretending or not. His employer was so angry, asking him loudly why he tried to get her into trouble with the police. I still wonder why he didn’t attempt suicide in the comfort of his home. Though, he probably wanted to ensure there was no cover up, that his lover got to know he died of heart break.

Many of us are fooled by the tough exterior of men into believing that they are unemotional. How untrue! Men cry, men get heart broken, men actually fall in love. I mean the kind of love that makes them ignore women prettier than the one they love! Yeah! It happens. As a lady, you should not toy with anyone’s feelings. Don’t promise more than you are ready for. If you must break up with a man, do it in person and be gentle but firm, polite without sounding condescending. If you are a man who has been treated shabbily, do not seek revenge please. There is no need to hurt yourself, put it down to her immaturity. You should determine to go on with your life. Hopefully you become so successful that she’ll come back begging and you can have the last laugh. Be encouraged that you are not the 1st neither will you be the last. So many have overcome exactly what you’re going through

.Psalm 34:185 The lord is near the broken hearted   and saves those crushed in spirit


3 thoughts on “Heartbreak Hotel

    johnson said:
    October 15, 2013 at 9:41 pm

    More pleaseeeeee! But u should have delayed treatment for a bit so everyone would watch the movie unfold since he didn’t really ingest it. Lol.

    Pam Jay said:
    October 15, 2013 at 9:52 pm

    Ah ha ha ha ha ha. Loving the topic first. Real heartbreak hotel. Lol

    imperfectlyperfect92 said:
    October 22, 2013 at 10:09 am

    Hehehehe.a woman was also rushed to d hospital where I was on admission a while back.reason being dat she took some harmful substance to kill herself cuz her husband cheated on her.I laughed and laughed dat day and as I write dis now,I still laugh.
    No one,no one at all is worth dieing for.they will marry after u and attend ur funeral with their better half after ur death.
    No one is worth cutting short d glorious gift of life God has given u without touching d lives u r meant to reach.
    That said,mk we small small,nor dey toy wit pple heart.plenty pple still dey heartbreak hotel,mk we nor add to am.

    Dr N’s musings,u do well for dis article o.true talk

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