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This is the part 2 of my last post. I apologize for the delay.


He on the other hand, slept like a baby till morning, when he began to ask everyone around him how he ended up in hospital. They told him to wait till I came in to explain to him. When he saw me, he was very sorry for his conduct. Moreso, when I told him of the waiter who fainted and had to be admitted also. The young man had regained consciousness few minutes after he collapsed and was just kept for observation.

Later that morning, his wife came to the hospital worried sick. Her husband’s friends had told her he was being treated for a cut sustained as a result of an accident at the club. The nurse was going to tell her that her husband was brought in drunk, when I stopped her and whispered in igbo language, that his friends wanted to do the explaining themselves. The nurse commented, still in Igbo, that the lady was quite unlucky to have married such an irresponsible man and I concurred

“Nwunye ya bu onye Igbo o”, his wife said quietly. (His wife is Igbo).

Red-faced, the nurse and I apologized. We had assumed she was not Igbo because her husband wasn’t.

“It’s alright”,she replied. “You wouldn’t believe we got married few months ago. He has fallen into the gutter several times, slept off by the roadside, and so on. When he goes out, my prayer is that he will come home alive. You would think he is uneducated but, not only is he a graduate, he is in a management position at work.”

I really didn’t know what to say to her. Should I blame her for marrying a man who was given to drink?, or blame his friends for enabling him?, or blame his father for not frightening him as mine did by telling him alcohol would make him walk on his head? Her shoulders were slumped. She looked years than she was. A dark, slender and pretty lady, worry had etched lines across her foreheadthat shouldn’t have been there

What am I saying? It begins from one glass. Yeah, I know you can hold your own but, why do you need to anyway? Alcohol has very few benefits, and they are far out weighed by it’s disastrous consequences. Many a family has been torn apart; many people have ended up with chronic diseases. I don’t know anyone who claims his life has been bettered by strong drink. Every doctor has shaken his head at one time or the other over the foolishness of patients who drink their liver into cirrhosis. We preach and preach and people ignore us, thinking we are making a mountain out of a mole hill.

Alcohol is addictive. The more you drink, the more you want to drink. If you say no, your friends may laugh but you will outlive them.

Can you refuse to take that first sip?

Can you reduce the number of glasses or bottles you take per week?

Can you switch off your phone over the weekends and tell your drink buddies you are busy? Make the decision today to live free. Takeyour destiny in your hands. Spend more time with your family, get more work done, read a new book. Consider you biography. I’m sure you wouldn’t want your epitaph to read, “Here lies the drunkard!” Be blessed as you live a healthy life.

Note that the scripture I quoted earlier is in 1Timothy 5 : 23 and was Paul’s specific instruction to Timothy because he had some illness we don’t know of.


4 thoughts on “Take some wine 2

    Femmetotale said:
    October 15, 2013 at 5:50 pm

    Very entertaining and informative story. It all starts with one glass and it’s ridiculous that some people boast about how many cartons of alcohol they consume in a day as if they can boast of how many liver and kidney problems they have. Imagine someone in such a position at work being found in a gutter. Hmm…I can just imagine how embarassed his wife must be feeling all the time because of his shameful conduct. The blame can also be placed on his friends who went to drink with him despite his repeated reactions after drinking.

    teekay said:
    March 23, 2016 at 10:29 am

    I love the way you illustrated the dangers of drinking using this story. I have a question though. Based on your discipline, what illness can one have for the person to be asked to take wine?the intake of wine a requirement

      drnsmusings responded:
      March 24, 2016 at 5:28 pm

      I dont know of any medical advantage honestly
      I think in those days it was a herbal remedy just like people take ginger n garlic for all sorts

        teekay said:
        March 24, 2016 at 9:01 pm


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