The right time

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Illustration of Woman Sitting in Dentist Chair by Anne Harriet Fish

The person who will laugh most at this story is the person it happened to, and she follows my blog. I dedicate this post to you darling; (and I love you very much). For the purpose of this story, I will name her Georgia: (note that I could have been mean and named her North West, like a certain reality TV star). Georgia had a cavity (hole in her tooth), the natural consequence of all the sweets she loved to eat. It caused her pain, sensitivity and so on for years but, she refused to get it treated. Over the years, it got worse, but she kept taking pain relievers, gargling saline etc. Her siblings and friends who noticed she couldn’t enjoy certain meals advised her to do something about it but, she always had a good excuse.

One day, she was driving her dad’s trusty old car on her way to who-knows-where, when the painbecame unbearable. She suddenly saw the sign on a building that read ‘Dental Clinic’. The pain was so bad that she drove in and asked to see the dentist. He examined her and told her the tooth had to be extracted as it was beyond salvaging. Alas, what she feared had come upon her. She had hoped he would prescibe medication to put her out of her misery and send her away rejoicing. Seeing no way out, she consented and paid for the surgery

She was shown to the chair and asked to open her mouth. Prayerfully, she took a seat, believing she was in capable hands. Minutes later, the dentist was still struggling to pry out the tooth. He wiggled and twisted and huffed and puffed and the tooth would not give. Sweating profusely, he tried other instruments, tugging, pulling and what not. Finally, the tooth was extracted. She went home in greater pain than before. Her gums were swollen like she had been in a boxing fight, cheeks puffed out, head aching; she looked like the survivor of a hurricane. After some weeks on antibiotics and other medication, she was healed. While it lasted, she could not eat solid food, laugh or gist like she used to. She kept wondering what had gone wrong as it was not her first extraction.

Months later, she met a dashing young man. She was running an errand in a health establishment when walked up to her and introduced himself as a dentist.

“Eh! I don’t like dentists”, she exclaimed. Her skin was already crawling at the memory of her last encounter with a dentist.

“Really?”he wondered. “That’s not the reaction I usually get. Why don’t you like dentists?”

She tactfully refused to answer, changing the topic. Chatting with him was fine by her as she needed the company but, she had no intention of giving him her number or collecting his. He sensed this and kept probing. Finally, she told him what had happened to her. He was shocked. On further enquiry, he told her there was no reason the dentist should have had such a difficult time extracting the tooth.

“What is the name of the clinic?”he asked.

She told him.

“Did you meet the senior dentist?”

She replied that she did. He wondered at this, expressing his knowledge of the man and how experienced he was.

“Describe him to me”he requested.

She went on to describe the doctor who operated on her.

“That’s Mr. Ijaniki (not real name), the janitor, not the dental surgeon!” he exclaimed.

I leave you to imagine how Georgia felt. Should she return to the clinic and report to the dentist what his janitor was doing to make some moneyon the side? How would she prove her story? The moral of the story is to do the right thing at the right time. Procrastination has never done anything but hurt in the end.

Do you need to check your blood pressure? What is your weight? Have you ever done a pap smear or prostrate specific antigen (PSA) test? What is your HIV status? Do you know your blood group and genotype? When will you complain of that symptom you’ve been enduring? You who say you are believing God for healing, when will you open the bible to actually memorize and confess healing sciptures?

Ecclesiastics 3:1 (MSG) There’s an opportune time to do things, a right time for everything on the earth”.

Be blessed


3 thoughts on “The right time

    Femmetotale said:
    November 3, 2013 at 5:02 pm

    Why do I feel like I know this Georgia? Hehehehe 😀

    Pam Jay said:
    November 11, 2013 at 1:27 pm

    Do I know this Georgia? Don’t think so….lol.
    BTW I just got a smear test done today. Well done, me.

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