Hospital Comedy

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African American woman lying in bed, covering face with hands.


Now this one happened in my first year of practice. I was on duty with a student nurse. She had just begun her posting and was very green. A patient came in with an injury on his upper thigh which I can’t remember how he sustained. He was lying on the couch when I asked her to get some dressing so she could dress the cut while I supervised. When she came in, he got up, telling us that he wanted to take off the only thing he was wearing (boxers) so I would get a better view of the wound.

I was still telling him that he didnt need to do that when the boxers dropped to the floor.

The nurse screamed “Sir! Put on your shorts please!” Obviously, she had never seen a naked man.

Trying in vain to hide my chuckle, I asked him to turn his back for further examination. Behind him, I whispered to the nurse to go outside and compose herself. She never came back.

Later I asked her why she screamed. “Doc, he wasn’t even wearing draws! ” she giggled. (Draws are the colloquial expression for underwear in Nigeria)

Yeah, we had a good laugh. She definitely had gist for her friends that night.


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