This Aunty is tight.

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1. The other day I hosted a party

My daughter was one

God had kept her hale and hearty

So we felt it was the least to be done

2. Lots to eat and drink

Games, gifts and music

My friends, their kids

How jolly! How jolly!

3. Party over, everyone was leaving

One little girl was beaming

Her mom turned to me, her smile bright

“My daughter said,  “This Aunty is ‘tight’!”

4. “Really?”I asked

In the glow I basked

How nice, how warm, how ‘gooey’ I felt

A compliment to tuck into the belt

5. We do not always remember

The way to bless our friends forever

“You  look nice! You look great!”

“You’re doing a good job!” ; No debate

Everyone prefers praise

Everyone responds to praise

6. So if you want to be ‘tight’

Take a leap today

Be the first to smile or wave, that’s right

If you want to have friends, that’s the way.


2 thoughts on “This Aunty is tight.

    E' said:
    July 28, 2015 at 10:26 am

    I HATE poems (is this a poems sef?)
    But this poem is ‘tight’ hehehe


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