I can’t breathe!

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Boy in hospital bed with mother's hand on forehead



Anxiety is an emotional state that can become a disorder, and even lead to ill health, if not addressed. It is alarming, how many christians are anxious. You would expect us to have the advantage, but we don’t use it. Jesus said ” Do not worry about what you will eat or drink”. Elsewhere, it is written, “Be anxious for nothing”. When the people who should be the salt of the earth, are consumed by worry, who then shall be saved?

A lady brought her 9 month old son and told me he was breathing fast. I examined the child, but nothing seemed to be wrong. When I informed her he was not in respiratory distress, she got angry and turned to the nurse.

“Wont you nebulise this boy for me?”

The nurse told her she  would not, if I did not authorize it. The nebuliser is a device that converts liquid drugs to gaseous form. It is used for asthma patients, so when they inhale the drugs, it acts directly on the lungs, and they are relieved quickly. Her son was not asthmatic. He had a cold, and was breathing a bit noisily because one nostril was blocked. I explained this to her, using diagrams and so on but, she looked at me like I was silly.

“Is it that the nebuliser is not working? ” she asked the nurse. She ignored me, believing she had a better chance of convincing the nurse.

“Madam, I will not use it on this child”, she insisted. “Last month, a lady came here and left angrily when we refused to nebulise her child. She went elsewhere and convinced them to do it for her. The child ended up with heart failure. She spent close to N2 million in the hospital where he was treated”

“God forbid! It’s not my portion!”, she exclaimed.

Meanwhile, the child was sleeping calmly. I pointed this out to her, telling her no child in distress would fall asleep. She ignored me.

“Even if you use it, it will not harm him”, she carried on. “Let’s nebulise him”

To cut a long story short, she stormed out, angry that we did not do her bidding. The nurse later told me she had 4 daughters, and had adopted a boy when a son wasn’t in the cards. I had wondered about her having such a young son, as she appeared to be middle aged. You can see why she was moved by desperation.

When I was discussung it with a colleague, he told me that someone else would have put water in the nebuliser and charged her good money. I told him that I did not do that because, I wanted her to know the difference between asthma and catarrh. Part of my call, is to set people free from unnecessary hospital visits. It is not a good thing, being hypochondriac;  you waste time and energy health workers could have invested in those who were actually ill.

Do you find that you panic easily? Are you suffering illnesses no one believes you have? Do you hear your heart beating very loudly? Sometimes you hear your abdomen growl loudly? I appreciate what you’re going through. Take 3 days off your busy schedule. Write down 10 scriptures that mention peace, healing, provision, safety, and so on. An example is the one I quoted earlier. Use google or a study bible. Memorize them and walk round your house early in the morning quoting them loudly. During the day, when those symptoms show up, quote them again. Soon, they will be a distant memory.

Every doctor, even the non Christian,  will tell you an optimistic patient, is one who will soon get well. I pray that you believe me and impement my advice. Live well.


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