To have and to hold 3

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Businesswoman dragging a suitcase

This is the third part of my work of fiction. Do read the previous 2 if you missed them

Chapter 3

It was 2 weeks after her wedding. She was still in Enugu with her parents. Ikedi was back at work . Her wedding had been a grand affair, with their relatives and friends showing up in their numbers to honour them. Ikedi had emptied his accounts to ensure that they made a good impression. She was sitting on her bed, admiring their wedding pictures, when phone rang. It was Ikedi.

“Baby, how are you?”he asked.

“Kedy! I missed you” she squealed.

“I miss you too. How was your night?”

“Lonely, without you” she smiled. “When are you coming to see me?”

“Soon, my love. Let me tidy up things here”

“I can’t keep waiting o! I’ll come on my own”

“No, Nonyerem, I don’t want you to do that”

“So you’re not missing me?” she pouted.

“I’m missing you seriously. It’s a sacrifice we’re making for our future. Besides, you don’t need to travel too much, because of your condition”

“I hear you. Just know that I’m not happy”

“Please, be happy for me”, he teased. “I sentN50000 to your account. Give my mother N10000, then use the rest for yourself”

“Kedy! Thank you! Didn’t you give me money just last week?” she rejoiced.

“I know I did, but nothing is too much for my girl”

“Thank you, I love you”

“I love you too” They blew kisses to each other and ended the call.

Nonye graduated from the university with a degree in Estate management. After a 2 month stint in a Real Estate agency, she was sold. She was looking forward to starting her own agency. Ikedi did not buy the idea. He wanted her to teach so that she would spend fewer hours away from home. She didn’t think convincing him that she needed to follow her passion was going to be a problem. He really loved her, and would do anything for her.

The next day, she paid her mother – in- law a visit and gave her the money Ikedi sent to her. It was that same day that she decided to pack her belongings, and move to Warri. Living without her husband was unthinkable. She knew he would be unhappy that she didn’t tell him beforehand but, she felt it was necessary.

Arriving at Ikedi’s house 2 days later, she dropped her bag at his door, and stooped to retrieve his key from under his doormat. She had called while on her way, to prevent him from asking her to turn back. He didn’t sound happy, but she guessed it was due to work pressure. Besides, he really didn’t like being called during the day, and had answered just to be sure their ‘baby’ was alright.

Speaking of baby, she rubbed her abdomen as she made her way into the one bedroom apartment. It was not yet obvious that she was pregnant, and she liked it that way. She was excited about the prospect of becoming a mother. Yes, she had had to compromise her values but, Ikedi was worth it. Some things were just too good to miss. Why did God give us sexual urges and ask us not to act on them? How mean! The fact that she had abstained for 3 years since she joined her cousin’s church, and even come out with her hands raised when the pastor made a call, not withstanding. 3 years! Phew! She wondered how she did it! A special reward must be awaiting her for that great sacrifice….In fact, Ikedi was the reward. She was convinced. To be continued.


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