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Dear doctor, I came across ur blog and I have some questions. I have some growths on my vagina lips and sometimes my mons pubis ,they disappear and reappear in different places. I used to think they where shaving bumps but am beginning to think otherwise. Pls advise.I reside in Lagos .i cant go to my family doctor because of his closeness with my parents. I am 27. Thanks and God bless.

From Dr. N.

Hi. I need more information. Are you in a sexual relationship? What do the growths look like? Round or shapeless? Soft or hard? Are they painful? The commonest cause of soft growths is bartholin’s cyst. Usually looks transparent like a small sac of water. If it’s hard, it may be a syphillitic nodule. If shapeless, it may be a wart, caused by herpes virus. Bartholin’s cyst usually requires surgical removal, which is a simple procedure under local anaesthesia, ie you’ll be awake. The others require medication and further tests. Also, if you are in a relationship, your partner has to be tested and treated. You may wish to abstain till you’re sure. I’ll advise you to find a hospital where no one knows you, especially the government hospitals, and get examined. All in all, I don’t think there’s cause for alarm. Keep me posted.


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