I’m trying to impress you.

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Woman wrapped in towel staring out window


I’m trying to impress you, don’t you care?

I shortened my skirt, cause time is passing

Look at my face, why is your nose in the air?

Our wedding day is all I’ve been rehearsing.


You asked me to move in, I did.

I cook, clean, cuddle next to you.

It’s been 3 years, won’t you heed!

Tell me, Tell me, what should I do?


I dread mom’s call

Asking me what we’re waiting for

My friends are married, and all

Wondering what we’re waiting for.


You know how I feel,

You can’t say you don’t

We can afford it, just keeping it real

“I love you”, but marry me, you won’t


Am I not good enough?

What’s with the late nights?

Is there another, Mr. Big stuff?

You seem to be picking needless fights

Trying to get rid of me, are you?

When Pastor said this is my year?

So, who will take over from you?

Which man continues from here?


Hmm, you will feel my wrath!

I’ve been trying to impress you

My friend do the math .

The recent changes in my looks ,

Were to draw your attention.


I really love you,

It’s different for women,

When we love, we actually believe you do

Somehow, it must be different for men.


Your besotted girlfriend, Cherrypie.


And if this poem resonates with you, send me an email @ drnsmusings@yahoo.com. I’ld love to hear from boyfriends with girlfriends pushing for commitment also. God bless.


One thought on “I’m trying to impress you.

    nelly Arikpo said:
    March 29, 2014 at 10:46 am

    Hmmmm! So nice & touching.

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