I must marry this year!

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Upset young woman shouting at a man

Blogging has made me a frequent visitor on a few sites. I find myself intrigued by the topics people gravitate towards. Sometimes, I consider it a prevalence study, an attempt to research the maladies common in our society. Since I aim to educate, I will give m opinion on the “Getting married” issue.

Years ago, I was working in a hospital located in a town you wouldn’t describe as cosmopolitan. Though it was the state capital, the level of education in majority of the populace, left much to be desired. A number of them could not spell their own names. I remember some would say “Doc, spell it the way it sounds! “. Names in a language I had no knowledge of!. Lol.

One day, we had a small drama played out in front of the hospital. The security man came to alert us about a scuffle in the courtyard. We went out to find a group of people arguing. They comprised of an elderly woman, her son, and his girlfriend. Getting them to tell us why they were arguing was an uphill task. The loudest voice was that of the girlfriend. She was enraged, gesticulating wildly, and stomping her foot. When we threatened to throw them out, they told this story.

The young man had dated his girlfriend for X number of years. For reasons best known to him, he decided to dump her. Especially as she had begun to talk about them getting married. The girl insisted he had to marry her as she was pregnant. He accepted responsibility for the pregnancy, and began to shower gifts on her. She took as much advantage of the situation as she could, making odd requests, as often as possible.

Months later, his mother (who probably detested her guts), accused her of faking the pregnancy. Her abdomen was not protruding, so his mother intensified her accusations. To resolve the issue, said man brought his babe to hospital for an ultrasound scan. His mother of course, insisted on tagging along. She didn’t trust her son not to let the girl pull a fast one on him .

When they got to the hospital gate, the girl started threatening to turn back, and that was the reason for the argument.

“Why don’t you want to do the scan?” the nurse asked.

“I don’t believe in all these machines. I have heard that they make mistakes”, she replied.

No matter the entreaties, she insisted her boyfriend’s mother had collaborated with the sonologist to falsify the result. I left them and went back to my office. She was very confrontational, and I felt the matter was not my concern. Though entertaining, she was not a patient till she went through registration. The nurses stayed back, pleading and threatening her alternately. She wouldn’t budge.

To be continued!


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