Are Male Doctors Sexy 2b

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This is the conclusion of my previous post.

Portrait of confident doctor standing in Radiology Center

I eagerly awaited the day the lady would arrive. My friend had ironed his shirt, waxed his shoes, and got a new hair cut. He filled my car with fuel, and set off to have dinner at their house. Said lady was not the stunner he hoped she would be. Oh well, he thought. At least, she was rich. Again, she didn’t seem as excited about him as her mother was.

1. Did she suspect her mother’s motives?

2. Did she have a boyfriend in USA?

3. Was she just making him work for it?

4. Or was she just genuinely uninterested?

Whatever was the case, he didn’t get a very warm welcome. They went out on their first date. Of course, I ensured my car had minimal gasoline (fuel). I wasn’t funding any joy ride. Much as I liked hearing the feedback, I was not that generous.

They went to a restaurant. It was not posh but, it was good enough for Dr. D. The babe kept complaining. The food was substandard, the service was poor, the decor was uninspiring. You know the drill. Dr. D bore it with a smile. She was going to be his. He would get a visa to America. Together they would start a new life. He would be able to send dollars to Dr. N (his buddy). (I hear you laughing).

During the drive home, they stopped at the gas station. You see, there was a shortage so,the queues were long and moved at snail speed. The wise thing to do would be to put off the airconditioner and wind down the windows.

“What!”, screamed Oyibo (not real name). “Do you want me to roast in this hot sun? Please keep the AC on”

He bristled but wisely kept quiet. Watching his fuel guage as they waited, his heart sank with dread. He actually came home almost in tears.

“Dr. N, Oyibo egbugo m!”, he mourned. (Oyibo has killed me) “See how I wasted fuel! In this time of scarcity!”

“That is a small price to pay”, I consoled, tongue in cheek. “I hope you charmed her?”

“Don’t mind her. She was pretending. I know she was feeling me”, he boasted.

I laughed. You see, he had a gorgeous Igbo accent and the typical mannerisms of my brothers. Many girls who grew up here may not mind (seeing as he is a doctor and all). I just felt Oyibo would want more. Not that those born abroad are better than those who were not. It’s just that, they may not compromise as readily.

I felt that she would not be in any hurry to be married. His stuttering, while cute, might come across as an inadequacy. So many things were just working against my friend but, he knew better.

After weeks of courting and a fleeting kiss (details gleefully shared), Dr. D gave up. See, you need to know when to count your losses. He came into my room one day and I could tell a story was in the offing.

“How far? Has Oyibo started processing your visa?”, I teased.

“Take your time, Dr. N”, he warned playfully. “I just withdrew because the whole thing was getting too expensive for me. I had that girl eating out of my hands”

I laughed. “Dr. D!”

“Eh! Imakwa na m bu nnukwu mmanwu? (Do you not know I am a great man?) You should be referring to me as Igwe (King)”

I laughed again. We had battled for long on me addressing him so “casually”. I was winning (he needed my car, remember?).

“So, what is going to happen? “! I asked.

“I’m not going there again. I told her mother that I can’t continue. She will not empty my account. Nne, I makwa na mmadu na-akari ife akari!(don’t you know I’ve outgrown such childishness).

I refrained from reminding him I had warned him. Dear male muses, learn from my story. Read ladies right. If she’s a romantic at heart, you will learn to love flowers and chocolates. No one is your ticket to prosperity. I am glad to say he is married to a nice colleague of his who complements him. No, she wasn’t one of those cooking for us. (Yeah, I ate part of the food the wannabes cooked). She was the one who waited to be chased.

Ladies, let him come to you. You may be cooking for his female neighbours! And every cougar out there, leave our young men alone.God will reward the hearer and the doer. Dr. N


10 thoughts on “Are Male Doctors Sexy 2b

    Lizzieebunoluwa said:
    April 2, 2014 at 9:02 pm

    Lol.. Dr D o!!!

    uche said:
    April 2, 2014 at 9:24 pm

    Ladies ; let them chase us oo not us chasing them

    imperfectlyperfect92 said:
    April 2, 2014 at 9:34 pm

    ah! Dr N!
    see story oh,but of course, true lessons at the end..

      drnsmusings responded:
      April 2, 2014 at 9:49 pm

      Shei? If u get along with d guys, u will never lack gist, hehehe!

    niki said:
    April 3, 2014 at 4:14 pm

    Lol, i want to hear the wanna bes story o… lol
    At least he knew when to cut his losses. Keep them coming Dr N.

    adaeze said:
    September 21, 2014 at 9:28 am

    hmm. I refuse to chase any man oo.

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