Cords of Love 2.(prose)

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This is a Sequel to ‘The Attraction’. Please read if you have not. Thanks.

Chapter 2.

Pastor Chuks called for a meeting of the executive members of Gospel of Grace fellowship. He was graduating soon, and the matter of who would succeed him was up for discussion. The meeting was holding in his room. It was spacious, though sparsely furnished.

Already, his assistant had brought in chairs, borrowed from neighbours to accommodate the group. At 7pm, the room was full. A standing fan creaked noisily, attempting to cool the room.

“Praise the Lord!”, began Pastor Chuks. “Pastor Excel, please lead us in prayers”

Pastor Excel led a rousing prayer session, before Pastor Chuks continued.

“This will be my last Semester in school. Among other matters to be discussed, we need to choose a new pastor for the fellowship. I have prayed about it and discussed with our founder, Pastor Achigbu. What I need today, is your input. We want to make sure everyone is carried along”

“Praise the Lord!”. This was Justin the music director. “I believe Pastor Excel should have that position. Except he declines. He has done very well this past year”

“I also second the motion for Pastor Excel to be anointed in your place, Pastor Chuks”, said Sister Boma.

Other voices joined in chorusing their support for him. Soon the various positions for Music director, Ushering director and Follow up director, were filled. Their occupants were all graduating.

“Who should be the Assistant Pastor then? “, Pastor Chuks asked.

“Bro. Bright of the follow up department is a good choice”, suggested Sis. Clara.

“I’m sorry to say, I heard he is having an afffair with a girl in History”, opined Luke.

“Really?”, asked Sis. Clara. “Brethren!”

“We need to confirm that story. Any other suggestions? “, Pastor Chuks went on.

“How about Dickson, that guy who shared the word during the picnic?”, suggested Sister Boma.

“That guy has issues with authority. He left his former fellowship in rebellion”, Pastor Excel offered.

“I think we have to offer the position to Bro. Ekene. He has the word, the healing anointing, and a good character”, Pastor Chuks announced.

Everyone was silent. That Ekene was a medical student, was the reason no one else had mentioned him. It was doubtful he would accept, seeing that his 2nd MBBS exams would be coming up.

“Will he accept?”, asked Luke

“I hope he will…”, mused Pastor Chuks. “I pray he will”


Ikenna was on his way to Abuja. He was on a buslistening to music on his phone when a call came in.

“Hello”, he answered.

“Ik, how are you? “. It was Mrs. Dougherty, the widow whose child he used to teach Accounting and Mathematics privately.

“I’m fine, ma. How is Drake?”

“Ik, you’ve forgotten me”

“Ma, it’s not so. I’ve really been busy”

“So busy that you can’t call me?”

“No, ma. I….I actually lost your number”, he lied.

“Ikenna, I’m in Abuja. Let’s talk”


“I’m sending you my hotel address. Let’s talk, okay?”

“Yes, ma. I mean, No, ma…”

“Cut out the ma!”

“Sorry, ma”

“I’ll see you tomorrow, then”. She ended the call.

Ikenna began to fret.

“How did this woman even know that I am in Abuja? Lord, deliver me from temptation”, he thought to himself.

His plan was to hang out with friends in Abuja for the weekend. Also, he planned to pop in and see Uche. Though he no longer asked her about Laura, she always dropped hints on how she was doing. He had stopped calling Laura or taking her calls and deleted her contacts on social media. For a while, he hoped she would miss him and send a message through Uche that she was in love with him. It had not yet happened and they were due to pass out in 3 weeks.

Arriving at Segun’s place, he paid off the cab and slung his backpack across his shoulder. Segun was serving in a Federal government parastatal. He lived in a modest accommodation provided for he and his fellow corp members. Idris, his room mate was a graduate of International Relations. Ikenna got along very well with him.

“Ik, my guy!”, Segun greeted him with a shout when he opened the door to his knock.


“Come in, come in! You meet us well. I was just about to wolf down the spaghetti Idris’ babe prepared”, he led him in.

Ikenna dropped his bag on the floor and collapsed on the huge mattress that served as a bed.

“How have you been? Any hope of being retained at work?”, he asked.

“They promised me O! I really hope the DG will come through for me. The ministry of water resources pays well”

“That school they posted me to, even if they beg me, I ain’t staying man”, Ikenna stated, pulling off his shoes.

“Something will come up. You can stay here with me till then. After we pass out, I will hang on till the next batch of corp members moves in”

As he spoke, Segun was returning from the kitchen with a plateful of food.

“Nice, man! Nice!”, Ikenna rubbed his hands together in anticipation.

They ate silently and quickly. After the meal, they pulled off their shirts and lay back, fanning themselves with plastic fans.

“Power supply here is very poor”, Ikenna noted.

“It’s just this street. You wouldn’t believe it but, everyone else around us has regular power”

“What are you guys doing about it?”

“Nothing. What can we do? ”

Ikenna’s phone made a pinging sound. It was a message from Mrs. Dougherty. He read it and hissed loudly.

“What is it?”, Segun asked.

“That woman I told you about?”

“Which one? ”

“That widow, Mrs. Dougherty? The one whose son I was teaching privately in Lagos?”

“Yeah, yeah, the hot mama!”

“She called me out of the blues”

“What does she want?”

“That I should resume teaching her son!”

“Ah,ah! I thought you left the job cause she made advances towards you?”

“She didn’t exactly try anything. She just used to look at me like I am a piece of meat”

Segun laughed. “Fine boy, no pimples! ”

“Are you teasing me? I am yet to win the battle with acne”

“But your face is far smoother than it used to be”


“Really, I think your obsession with Laura was stressing you out”

“Forget that girl! I’m over her”, Ikenna went back to fiddling with his phone.

“By the time she realises what she missed, it will be too late”, Segun added.

“Guy, let me take a shower. This heat is too much”,Ikenna got up and headed for the bathroom.

To be continued. Do leave comments by clicking on the title. Cheers


12 thoughts on “Cords of Love 2.(prose)

    Cheta Ethel said:
    April 22, 2014 at 6:25 pm

    I am beginning to love Ikenna, am not sure if its because he finally ‘manned up’ and stopped calling Laura…hmm

      drnsmusings responded:
      April 22, 2014 at 6:34 pm

      Hmm. Manned up, indeed.

    dnddyon said:
    April 22, 2014 at 8:11 pm

    Okay na…

    *good one Dr

    Charles Williams said:
    April 22, 2014 at 8:15 pm

    I am enjoying the politics of succession!

    ememesiette said:
    April 22, 2014 at 10:34 pm

    Hopefully, he wont jump from the frying pan into the fire. No, Mrs Dougherty; leave Ikenna alone!

    Lily said:
    April 22, 2014 at 11:54 pm

    Ahhhhhh! I don’t like suspense oh! So, I’ll have to wait? Good job!

    Anonymous Chick said:
    April 23, 2014 at 5:52 am

    Ikenna run oh…. Loving the sequel already

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