Murder At St. Lucas Hospital 11

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Portrait of young woman on white background --- Image by © pinkypills/Corbis
Portrait of young woman on white background — Image by © pinkypills/Corbis



Veronica was attending to a patient when her phone rang. She ignored the call till she finished her consultation. Afterwards, she dialled the number. It was Jeff’s aunt, Tammy.

“Good morning, ma. I was busy when you called. How are you, today?” she greeted.

“I’m fine, doc. Thank you for calling back. How is work going?”


“I don’t want to take up much of your time. Next Sunday is Amy’s dedication in church. You have to come, please.”

“O, really?. Which church is that?”

“Mountain top church Lekki phase 1. It’s by the KD shopping mall. Service starts at 9am.”

“Just text me the details and I will be there.”

“Is that a promise, doc? I don’t want you to stand me up and later say you had an emergency, or something. Please, promise you will be there,” she pleaded.

“I give you my word.” Aunt Tammy let out a whoop of delight as Veronica laughed.

“Why the excitement? ” she asked.

“I want to show off my young and sexy doctor, na*. None of my friends can boast of having a doctor as pretty as you,” Aunt Tammy teased.

“Keep it coming. Flattery always works…”Veronica laughed.

“For real, my dear. You are going to make some lucky young man very happy; what with those gorgeous eyes of yours. ”

Veronica laughed again.

“I’ll get off your phone now. Give my love to Nurse Anuli,” Aunt Tammy said.

“I will. Regards to Amy and her dad.”


As the call ended, Aunt Tammy smiled and patted the baby in her arms. She had done her part. Any thing more and the girl would balk. It was up to her husband’s nephew to do the wooing and she prayed he had what it would take. She really felt they would be a good match.

“Besides, having a doctor in the family is not a bad idea: Free consultations, free treatment, what’s not to like?” she chuckled to herself. She took up her phone and called Jeff.

“Hi, Jeff. Are you busy?” she asked.

“I’m actually in a meeting but I stepped out to take your call. Is Amy alright? ” he asked.

“She is fine. I just wanted to tell you that Veronica agreed to be at Amy’s dedication on Sunday. The ball is now in your court.”

“O, cool. That’s nice of her.”

“Have a good day, dear.”

“You already made my day. Thanks Aunt Tammy,” he said with a huge grin on his face.

“What’s a phone call among family? Bye now. ”


He threw up his hands with a “whoop” and laughed before he remembered he was outside a conference room. Adjusting his jacket, he composed himself before returning to the room. With this boost to his confidence, he was ready to handle anything.





Barr. Obi was on phone with Barr. Kola, Victor’s solicitor. He had reached an agreement with Veronica to offer N1, 000, 000. As much as it pained the both of them, they really needed to settle the case in order to dispel the cloud of gloom that had been hanging over their heads since Edet died.

“My dear learned friend, you know that this case does not hold water. We have made a very good offer. This lady footed the bills for that boy’s surgery, medication and feeding for over 2 weeks. His bill should have come up to N3, 000, 000. I cannot justify your client’s stance at all,” he was saying.

“My client is insisting on N10, 000, 000. You will agree that we have been very kind. We have not leaked the story to the media and we have not arrested your client,” Kola pressed.

“I appreciate that. We both know that amount of money is not coming out of my client’s pocket. She doesn’t have it. How do we reach a compromise?”

“Sir, I need a better offer. To be sincere, I am not sure I can keep a leash on my client. He has been itching to go and make a scene at that hospital. It will be in your best interest to pay him off before he does as he has been longing to. Just imagine her face on the pages of the newspaper with the caption ‘Doctor Death’ I don’t think she will survive it,” Kola cajoled.

“As I told you before, if this story gets to the press, all bets are off!” Barr. Obi raised his voice. “We will then take our chances in court and believe me, I am not going to let you get even a kobo from her.”

“That’s okay sir. We are not going to the press. Let me take your offer to my client again. I can’t promise he will accept but I will try.”

“He had better accept it. Goodbye,” Barr. Obi ended the call angrily.



Perez and Abel were sprawled on the floor of their living room, listening to music turned up loudly. Their solicitor had an insider in the police force who was keeping tabs on the murder case. He believed an arrest was imminent. Both brothers were ecstatic. They frankly believed it was a divine intervention as her incarceration would pave way for them to seize control of the hospital and lease it for enough money to fund their lavish lifestyle.

“What’s for breakfast?” Perez asked.

“I should ask you. You were the one who fired the cook,” Abel replied.

“That was a tactical manoeuvre, mate! We owe him 2 months salary and I don’t see you bringing in any money,” Perez defended.

“I don’t have money but at least I’ve got a girl. What have you got?” he challenged his brother.

“You broke…”

A knock on the door interrupted him. He glared at Abel before rising to button his pajama shirt. At the door, he pulled it open without checking to see who it was.

“Hello!” Kasarachi greeted.

Perez was stunned. He would have stopped her from entering but he decided to let the coming storm rage. It would make for some entertainment and he was quite bored.

“Why, come in darling. I hope our house wasn’t difficult to find?” he let her in as he spoke.

“Thanks, and no, it was easy to find”, she said.

Abel looked up at the sound of her voice and swore. He glared at his brother who made a face at him and grinned behind Kasarachi.

“Good morning, Abe,” she greeted in a very seductive voice, bending to give him an eyefull.

She was wearing a very low cut yellow top, dark jeans and sunglasses. He murmured something imperceptible and rose.

“Aren’t you happy to see me?” she struck a pose in the centre of the room.

“This is not a good time. Besides, how do you show up at someone’s house, uninvited?” he asked, putting on his slippers in readiness to see her to the door.

“You said I should pop in any day I had some time off. This week, I am on vacation and I intend to spend it with you,” she pouted as she pointed out her overnight bag.

Perez cleared his throat. Every head turned at that instant to behold the latest entrant into the room. It was Cassandra. She had spent the night with Abel and was asleep in his room before she heard voices. Kasarachi eyed the girl in Abel’s shirt. It was obvious that she had been replaced.

“And who is she?” she asked, pointing at Cassandra.

Abel frowned but remained silent.

“Huh?” Kasarachi repeated.

Cassandra smiled and turned to head back to the bedroom.

“Get rid of her and join me,” she said.

Kasarachi was furious. “Onye? (Who?). What did she say?” she fumed.

Abel walked over to her and put an arm around her. She pushed him away.

“Let’s talk about this later. I’ll call you,” he said as he put a hand at her back to guide her to the door.

“Talk about what? You forget that I know what can destroy you? Get lost!” she spat as she spun around furiously.

“What’s that? Are you threatening me?” he asked. “You came to my house uninvited and you are raising hell. Do your worst!”

“I will bury you!” she cursed, slinging her bag over her shoulder.

“That’s enough,” Perez who had been standing by in silent amusement warned.

“Out!” Abel commanded.

“Your father!” She made a rude sign with her hands.

Both men laughed.

“He’s dead,” Perez said.

“Argghhhh!” she screamed in fury.

Abel held the door open for her and motioned with his head for her to leave. She stood at the door for several minutes, holding his gaze. Then, without another word, sighed and left.



It was the Sunday on which Aunt Tammy was hosting Veronica at her daughter’s dedication in church. She was dressed to the nines, sitting in the nursing mothers’ section with her husband and their nanny. Her parents and other family members and guests were all in church. In her excitement about the day, she forgot about Veronica till she spied her walking in just before they were called to the front of the church.

Veronica was dressed in a shift dress of red ankara print, nude heels, a similar bag and dangling red earrings. She looked stunning in make up that looked like it was professionally applied but Aunt Tammy guessed she had done it herself. They locked gazes across the room. Veronica mouthed “Sorry I’m late”. Aunt Tammy smiled and waved. She noted where she was sitting before turning slyly to see if Jeff had noticed her.

He was busy directing the camera men, dressed in his official uniform of blue jeans and a vest on which was written “Technical crew”. She nudged her husband.

“Dr. Veronica is here,” she whispered.

“Huh? O, that’s lovely,” he said nonplussed.

Aunt Tammy made a face and turned back to face the altar. The nanny was carrying the baby, who had been making a fuss. She adjusted the belt of her outfit, wondering how to get Jeff’s attention. Finally, she decided to relax and hope that he would notice her when his camera lenses turned in her direction.

Veronica took a seat at the back and bowed her head to pray. She had not joined any church since her move to Lagos because she could not decide on which to join. Every Sunday she visited a different one, looking for that elusive quality that would make her stop missing her former church. This would be her 1st time in Mountaintop Church and already, she loved the ambience. The worship seemed genuine and she soon forgot everything else. When the call was made for the families dedicating babies to come forward with their guests, she rose to join the family of her patient, Tammy. She did not notice Jeff standing by the camera, watching her intently.

Dancing joyously, she made her way to the front, laughing at Baby Amy who was smiling like she understood what was going on. She stood with the family as prayers were offered for the baby and more. About 3 other families were dedicating their babies as well. When they were asked to return to their seats, she settled in for the sermon. The founding pastor spoke about peace; describing peace as the ability to remain undisturbed in the midst of the storm and not a life without problems. He talked about Aunt Tammy and her husband and their years of trials experiencing miscarriages, stillbirths and even the loss of 1 child in infancy. He commended their faithfulness and prayed that anyone going through similar challenges would know the peace of God that passes all understanding.

Veronica stood when he announced that anyone who needed the peace of God should stand. The pastor prayed at length for all those on their feet, encouraging them to find scriptures that spoke about the peace of God and meditate on them, before asking them to sit. She took her seat, excited that God had tailored the sermon for her. A huge smile broke out on her face while others were clapping as the pastor took his seat. That was when she looked up and saw Jeff taking her picture. He had left the video camera to record that moment when a smile brightened her features and made her the loveliest woman in the room.

She blinked as she recognized him, surprised. He smiled and waved before returning to his post. “What is he doing here?” she wondered before she remembered that he was related to Aunt Tammy. She had no time to contemplate further as the service had ended and she had to find her hosts and take pictures with them. Her plan was to head home afterwards where she would curl up in her bed and sleep like a baby. Attending the reception at Tammy’s house would leave her exhausted and she didn’t want that.

Isaac and his wife Nkem were exchanging pleasantries with Aunt Tammy when Veronica approached the group. Without Veronica noticing, Aunt Tammy nudged Nkem and whispered that she was the object of Jeff’s affection. They turned to take assess her fully.

“Congratulations Ma,” she called as she reached out to hug Aunt Tammy.

“Thank you, doc. I am so happy you came. Did you enjoy the service?” Tammy asked.

“Yes I did.”

“Meet my husband’s nephew, Superintendent Isaac. That’s his wife, Nkem,” Tammy made the introductions.

“Good afternoon, ” Veronica greeted the couple.

“Good afternoon, doc. Thank God you are here. Should my wife go into labour, we will not be moved, right?” Isaac joked.

“O, well,” Veronica laughed. She was used to people teasing her about providing medical services on the fly.

His wife was eyeing him warily. “Imagine that? You are the one who will have a baby today. O, you plan to eat all the party jollof rice and chicken alone, right?”

The group burst into laughter. Uncle Kindness approached and greeted Veronica.

“Hello doc. You honoured us? Thank you so much.”

“You’re welcome, sir. I had to be here for Amy. She’s a miracle baby, ” Veronica smiled as she turned to pinch the baby’s cheeks playfully.

“She sure is. Let’s take some pictures before heading to the house, shall we?” Uncle Kindness suggested.

The photographer has already taken his position. The group struck a pose and smiled. A couple of clicks of the camera later, they took their seats to chat for a while.

“Madam, I’ll take my leave now. Thanks for inviting me,” Veronica said, rising to her feet.

“Thanks for coming but you can’t leave just yet doc. You have to follow us home for refreshments. That is not even negotiable, ” Aunt Tammy smiled.

“O but…”

“You are coming to the house, doc. Sit beside me and tell me how you did your eyebrows please,” Nkem tugged at her arm till she sank into a seat beside her. “They look so good. It seems you are very good at make up.”

“Thanks Aunty. I don’t think I am particularly good at it,”she protested.

“Which brand do you use?” Nkem was asking before Jeff interrupted.

“Hello, doc, ” he intoned.

She looked up, rather startled, then blushed at his openly admiring gaze. He did not look away and she could not. Time seemed suspended as she willed her mouth to open and say something, anything but it would not obey her. He extended a hand when she did not reply and shook hers.


To be continued.

Cheers, Dr. N


30 thoughts on “Murder At St. Lucas Hospital 11

    Stranger Here said:
    July 24, 2015 at 7:01 pm

    I like how this one ended!
    Sparks!!! haha! #okbye

    itstamie said:
    July 24, 2015 at 7:22 pm

    The sugar level in the story has increased.
    Thanks for this serving…more pls…

    Susan said:
    July 24, 2015 at 7:32 pm

    Yep! Kasarachi & Abel definitely have a hand in Edet’s murder!
    The church settings seem like that of LFC…..
    Clearing my throat @ you, Dr N! See our Dr V falling in love @ 4th abi 5th sight now. The technical crew uniform must have helped!

    Enjoyed this as usual, Dr N.
    More wisdom & grace to you and yours!

      drnsmusings responded:
      July 24, 2015 at 10:36 pm

      Tech crew uniform? Is it sexy or what? Hahaha

        ada said:
        July 25, 2015 at 5:01 pm

        yes now, doc. *drawls* Some of us love men in uniform… :))

        drnsmusings responded:
        July 25, 2015 at 8:14 pm

        *fans holy self*

    E' said:
    July 24, 2015 at 8:22 pm

    Chai. Dr N…

    Anyways patience is still a virtue so I’ll wait.

    Amazing. Amazing. I’m lurving it mehn.
    Tho I was reading this small small so it won’t finish. But it still finished. Why?!?! Lol


      drnsmusings responded:
      July 24, 2015 at 10:38 pm

      Eyahhh @ reading it small small.
      E u will not kee somborri

    exceptionalstar said:
    July 25, 2015 at 7:27 am

    This thing called attraction, hmmm…

    Oyinlola Sobowale said:
    July 25, 2015 at 7:49 am

    Still following…

    I shall read each scene as it unfolds. Loving all the family subtle support sha. Well done

      drnsmusings responded:
      July 25, 2015 at 8:12 pm

      Sometimes it takes a village

    dnddyon said:
    July 25, 2015 at 4:12 pm

    cool develoment

    Jedidah said:
    July 25, 2015 at 4:54 pm

    Awwn I love you Dr N. Keep it coming
    There’s a special blessing for this you have done. Kisses and love

    only girl said:
    July 26, 2015 at 7:25 am

    This is just too lovely and cute. I was reading and blushing like it was happening in my front. You’re really talented. I like your writing technique. God bless you and yours

      drnsmusings responded:
      July 26, 2015 at 1:21 pm

      *blushes too* thanks a bunch

    Anonymous Chick said:
    July 26, 2015 at 7:35 am

    Oh I love Jeff’s family! What a lovely close bond amongst them. Loved the message the pastor preached, nice one.

    Aha! So Abel and Kasarachi have fallen out – can’t wait to see how this unfolds. Loved Cassandra’s mature response, but hopes she dumps Abel but guess she wouldn’t.

    Okay reading comments made me realise that what happened at the end was a spark and attraction. Me I thought she was just confused lol

      drnsmusings responded:
      July 26, 2015 at 1:22 pm

      Ewwwww. Not to worry, d next part will build on it

    Teniola said:
    July 27, 2015 at 12:26 pm

    Big grins, thumbs up ma. love You & thanx for
    making my day.

    Fola said:
    July 27, 2015 at 12:51 pm

    Okay now. There is a Superintendent of Police in Jeff’s family…interesting.
    I love the message on peace; God bless you for that (specifically….lol)
    Would Kassarachi be the solution to Veronica’s issue? Would she be the instrument God uses to expose the murderer? What fornication can cause!
    I am patiently waiting for the whole mystery to unravel.
    Thank you Dr. N

      drnsmusings responded:
      July 27, 2015 at 4:25 pm

      Lol @ what fornication can cause
      Bless u 2 sis

    OlufunmiJay said:
    July 27, 2015 at 2:08 pm

    kai!!!!! Dr. N my body was just toto-r-ing me…chai!
    but youre such a hopeless romantic ehnnnn….but I like how this story is going ehn..

      drnsmusings responded:
      July 27, 2015 at 6:29 pm

      My own romance get hope O! Lol

    Ladycate said:
    July 28, 2015 at 6:23 pm

    Loving the story! Hating the wait! Dr N pls keep it coming.

      drnsmusings responded:
      July 28, 2015 at 10:37 pm

      Tho it tarry, it shall not tarry

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